Integrated Energy 2010

The CHPA’s flagship event focuses on opportunities and challenges facing the sector at its Annual Conference and takes the opportunity to celebrate innovation, success and best practice at the Awards and Gala Dinner in the evening of the same day.

Integrated Energy 2010: CHPA Annual Conference

This one day event looks at innovative approaches used in delivering energy locally for the benefit of communities, business, industry and consumers across the UK.

It will look specifically at the role of community energy, CHP, district heating and cooling – as highly efficient, cost effective and environmentally friendly approaches to energy delivery –  and pioneering clear-cut models for there delivery.

You will learn about the commercial, social and policy opportunities and challenges that currently face the sector over the medium and long term. This includes a focus on project delivery and the benefits a tailored approach to local energy delivery can provide, ensuring attendees leave with the relevant know-how to unlock their own projects – cutting cost and CO2. The day also looks at the bigger picture, addressing the sectors role in helping address the unprecedented energy challenges the UK currently faces.

See here for more details on why the conference is relevant to you.

CHPA Awards and Gala Dinner

Integrated Energy 2010 is followed by the CHPA Awards & Gala Dinner.

The CHPA Awards showcase achievement, innovation and best practice from across the sector over the past year. Now in its third year, the evening provides opportunity for organisations and professionals from across the sector to celebrate success and collective attainment.

The Awards are now open to entry and more details can be found here.


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