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Supporting Integrated Energy 2011 through sponsorship, of either the CHPA Annual Conference or the Awards and Gala Dinner, adds value to the profile of your organisation, through the prestige and exposure such association provides.

Every year, supporting organisations take up repeat sponsorship opportunities and look to the events as a means of conveying the key role they play at the heart of the sector.

A range of sponsorship packages provide opportunity to ensure you maximise the value secured through participation in the conference and awards. An overview of the opportunities is outlined below.

The CHPA is however happy to discuss bespoke packages for your organisation, providing you with best value for money and guaranteed levels of prestige exposure.

To confirm your sponsorship of the 2011 CHPA Conference, please contact:

  • Brian McGuire, Membership Manager CHPA, 020 7976 4294, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  • Rachael Mills, Event Manager SE2, 020 8469 1333, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Conference packages

  • Conference Headline Sponsor: As leading event sponsor, this package provides opportunity for your organisation to clearly demonstrate its leadership role within the sector. A range of tangible benefits and discounts are provided as part of the package, not least, an opportunity to address delegates as part of the conference opening plenary. Sharing the platform with a Minister puts the value of this package in context. The perfect opportunity to build your profile and communicate the key role your organisation plays.
  • Event Partnership: A new category of sponsorship for 2010, ‘Event Partnership’ provides organisations with a key role at the heart of relevant conference sessions. This includes an opportunity to contribute to a seminar session, either as a Chair or a panellist. Only the ‘best fit’ organisations are considered applicable for specific sponsorship opportunities, ensuring the value of involvement in the session is preserved. Working in combination with a range of influential and well respected external partners also adds prestige and authority through association. Partnership also includes a range of other benefits and discounts.
  • Conference Supporter: As the lowest cost sponsorship option, this package enables sponsors to exhibit and participate in the ‘Lunchtime Showcase’. As such it provides a cost effective way for new market entrants or smaller organisations with constrained budget to still maximise the marketing and networking opportunities provided by the conference.


Awards sponsorship opportunities

  • Dinner Sponsor: This coveted opportunity highlights the importance of the organisation in question, emphasising its role at the heart of the sector. With the package including a speaking opportunity to address key industry players and their clients, it provides a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate support for the sector and a leading role through celebration of best practice. A range of additional benefits and discounts make the package all the more cost effective for organisations looking to get the most out of the Awards.
  • Drinks Reception Sponsor: Arguably one of the most important sponsors of the day’s events! This sponsorship package is an effective way for the organisation in question to play a key role in supporting proceedings, benefiting from the additional discounts the package provides and still limiting spend.
  • Awards Category Sponsor: Sponsorship of a specific award category enables organisations to demonstrate their importance as leaders in a particular segment of the sector. Not only does this add prestige to your organisation's brand, it also places your company at the heart of the industry.