Integrated Energy 2010

See below for an overview of the relevant award categories and accompanying entry forms for download.

The awards are now open to entry and will need to be submitted no later than 5pm on Monday 13th September to Chloe Mclaren Webb at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  More details about the application and submission process can be found in the respective award entry forms.

Any queries about the application process should also be directed to Chloe by email, or by calling 020 8469 1333.




Relevant form


This category recognises and rewards a major area of innovation in the sector. The category is open to any project or venture that has demonstrated a significant technological, commercial or financial advance. This innovation may apply either in the technology of the CHP plant or district heating infrastructure itself, in any related systems, the physical or commercial application or the innovation of the financial structures that underpin the development/project or offering.

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This award will recognise an outstanding contribution to the advancement of combined heat and power and/or district heating and cooling in the United Kingdom. The award, which is open to both organisations and individuals, will recognise a longstanding and effective impact in securing the role and position of these approaches as a major contributor to the energy related goals of an organisation or energy policy goals of a non commercial entity.

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Industrial and Commercial

This category will recognise the CHP and/or district heating and cooling project that demonstrates the dual benefits of cogeneration (reduced carbon emissions, enhanced energy security of supply, lower energy costs and employment) in an industrial or commercial setting. The award will be assessed in relation to all four of these areas.

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Community and Residential

This category recognises the CHP and/or district heating and cooling project, programme or initiative which has demonstrated environmental benefits alongside wider benefits for the community that the scheme serves. Specific emphasis should be placed on projects, programmes or initiatives that have provided these benefits to a range of residential, commercial and public sector clients.

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Public Sector

This category recognise the CHP and/or district heating and cooling project that has demonstrated the dual benefits of cogeneration in the public sector.

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