More than ever before, the relationship between decarbonisation, energy security and the energy consumer is at the forefront of decision-making across national and local government, in business, in public services and within communities.

The overriding need for growth across the economy coincides with fundamental reform in the UK electricity market, new controls on housebuilding and property development, and an ambitious and progressive agenda for energy saving from Europe.

Few sectors are better placed to balance these pressures than CHP and district heating. Cost-effective, reliable and deliverable, this technology and infrastructure is already proving its worth in improving productivity and slashing carbon emissions whilst meeting customers’ needs for secure and affordable energy services. Looking to the future, their impact could be many times greater.

As we strive to achieve the right balance between economic growth and the reshaping of our energy system, this year’s Integrated Energy conference demonstrates what CHP and district heating are already delivering and considers how their contribution can be enhanced for the benefit of consumers and the economy.

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